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Welcome to "Nightingale Valley Practice"

Our aim is to provide the best possible health care for all our patients whilst promoting physical and mental wellbeing. We also perform health promotion and prevention following national guidelines

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We are five partners and five attached doctors plus doctors in training

Dr Brian Hanratty Dr Chris Ree Dr Peter Harbord
Dr Katharine Alsop Dr Jeff Clark
Dr Louise Younie Dr Kate Roberts. Dr Terri Rotchell
  Dr Caroline Perkins  

Our main surgery  at
Brooklea Health Centre. Click for map
On the 36 Bus route   Timetable
Our branch surgery
Riverside  Click for map
On the 36 Bus route   Timetable
Nightingale Valley practice
Brooklea Health Centre
Wick Road

Tel 0117 3304300
Riverside Surgery
Wyatts View
St Anne's

Tel 0117 9720386

NHS 111 is now open.
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Brooklea Health Centre
When should a worry?
Advice about common childhood illnesses.

We are a 4YP Practice